There is no doubt that fashion world is ruled by classy people.
So, where do they want their shoes to be made?


Actors of cinema, art and music masters, high fashion stylists, enterpreuners and aristocracy from the fifties to the seventies have left their footprint at the craftman’s studio “Petrocchi” located in the very central Via Sistina.

The secret of such a success can be explained in few words: naturalness, true elegance, good taste and class.
These have been the four trump cards holded by Tito Petrocchi who achieved the Gold Medal at Munich international expo in 1956 in recognition of his style.
Some peculiarities about Petrocchi’s style were the celebrated “Mambo” heels which where launched on the big screen by the great actress Silvano Mangano, the very clever “a scalpello” heels, a personal interpretation of stiletto heels made by Petrocchi and having the shape of a chisel. and duck spout men’s shoes.

Since that day the history of Petrocchi style has never been interrupted. Bruno Ridolfi, in fact, his nephew, cooperated with him since the fifties and is now guarding jealously the family tradition in making shoes.

The shoe workmanship as always been totally handmade and making use of the besthides and leathers, giving the possibility to the customer to choose between shoes made to measure and a wide range of handerafted shoes available at the shop in different sizes.

Petrocchi style is definitely still a true interpretation of classical style.