The stages of the made to measure



The made to measure shoe is realized through the following stages which are very complex and entirely hand made: The starting is, of course, the full measurement of the two feet by which we notice and report on paper all characteristics and eventual irregularities of the feet.


Based on this drawing we build the wooden shapes being carefully adapted to the above characteristics and irregularities. This is a key stage as the final out come directly depends on it. The shoe will be made around this shape.


Subsequently we drow and cut the paper model on which we then cut the leather as per customer’s preference. We then sew together the various pieces of leather. The result of this operation is the upper that we the assemble with the sole in leather. The Calzoleria Petrocchi has always been realizing shoes made through the tecnique of “simple” or “reverse” guàrdolo and with or without the double sole.


Finally the heel is added on making use of various pieces of leather which are cut in the same shape and piled up one on the other.
The Petrocchi shoes are now ready and can be taken out of the wooden shape around which they have been assembled. But we can’t do it straight farward, we still have to let them rest for same days in order to achieve the best result for our custumer!