Made to measure shoes

The experience of a workshop founded over 70 years ago, guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of clients

Made to measure shoes are the choice of clients who prefer a customised answer to their personal preferences of style and fit.

The creation of bespoke shoes in our workshop is a highly individualised process which begins with an exact measurement of the client’s feet.

Precision is vitally important at this stage because the fit of the finished shoe depends on the calculations made at this stage. The volume, contours, length and width of both feet are measured accurately. The client is then asked to stand and walk so that their feet and posture can be assessed.

These observations and measurements are then used to create a wooden last which replicates the proportions and shape of the client’s feet and incorporates the individual style requests.

Our Rome last maker manually sculpts the wooden form with rasps and sandpaper, adding thin layers of leather if needed, until the last has the desired shape.

This personalized wooden last will form the base for the creation of shoes the client will be able to wear for a lifetime! Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our bespoke shoe service.

Create the shoes of your dreams

To create their unique shoes, we listen carefully to the client to understand their tastes, their habits and clothing styles, and their needs both stylistically and in fit, and then interpret this information, taking into account current trends in model, colour and leather or skin type.

Our premium shoes satisfy even the most demanding customers.

In addition to classic calf leathers, we offer clients ordering made-to-measure shoes a choice of several exotic leathers including crocodile, ostrich, lizard and stingray.

Choose from a range of stitch types

In addition to a choice of models and leathers or skins for bespoke shoes, we also offer our clients a range of stitch types.

Our Rome workshop offers the following stitches sewn by hand: Goodyear, Norwegian and Tyrolean.

Women’s styles

The Calzoleria Petrocchi workshop has a long history in the creation of elegant, wearable women’s shoes.

The women’s Oxford shoes shown here are original models featuring a solid and slightly square 80mm heel and offered in a combination of kid leathers in coordinated, complementary colours.

Bespoke shoes for women can be ordered in the complete range of styles, heel heights, leather and skin combinations and colours.

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